When your computer features a Sleep button, set its function … The truth is the device is resting in a low-power mode. For information about how computers work, see: How does a computer work? Examples of Using the Menu Key On the … A button often displays a tooltip when a user moves the pointer over it. For example, the Windows Start button is used to open the Start menu. Window management controls appear in the top left corner of each window. These buttons appear darker and "pushed inward" when pressed. A button may refer to any of the following: 1. Window management controls are in the upper right-hand corner of the application window, and, from left to right: "minimize" the window (causing it to disappear into the taskbar at the bottom of the screen); maximize the window (causing it to expand to cover the whole screen; if the window is already maximized, the button will restore it to its previous size and position); and close the window. In addition, more recent versions, the default button is shown with a blue border. Radio buttons are often arranged in a group of at least two options. You are constantly trying to sort through negative thoughts … Follow these procedures as described below: • To successfully connect a device such as a smartphone or even a laptop to a given wireless network using the WPS button, start by pressing the WPS button on the router device. It's defined in IEC 60417, Graphical Symbols for Use on Equipment. [the trackpoint is the red finger mouse] What is the center button? When writing in HTML, the